Investment and Funds

There’s something gratifying about accumulating money over time in order to invest to achieve a goal in the future. There are many different investments to choose from Each one has an opportunity to earn a return that could beat inflation. It is important to consider the various kinds of investments and how they’ll fit into your overall financial goals.

Funds and investment

A fund is an investment that pools your money with the money of other investors and invests it in diverse assets. This helps spread your risk since you aren’t relying on the performance of a specific asset type. For instance the UK equity fund would be made up of shares from various British companies.

But, you can also find funds that provide an array of different types of assets, or even more specific industries. There’s a fund to suit each investor, no matter the level of their expertise or investment timeframe or level of risk tolerance.

Bond funds are a well-known option for investing. They are made up of IOUs, or debt, usually from companies or governments. They are less volatile than stocks. However, they can be affected by interest rate changes and the credit rating of the issuer.

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